Standard Patchwork Keepsake Quilt


Standard Patchwork Keepsake Quilt

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A patchwork keepsake quilt is a beautiful way of saving your little one's childhood memories.  Rather than saving their special clothes in the back of a cupboard or in the loft, why not display them in the form of a patchwork quilt.

I create two types of quilts.  The standard quilt consists of larger squares all of the same size.  The luxury quilt is made up of larger and smaller squares to add more interest.  I also add a lot more applique detail to the luxury quilt.  Please note, the quilt pictured is an example of a luxury crib/lap quilt.

Each quilt is lined with 100% cotton batting and bordered/backed with 100% Cotton. 

Border and backing choices can be found here.

Cot Bed Sized Quilt - Approx. 120cm x 90cm  (requires 20 -30 items)
Crib/Lap Sized Quilt - Approx. 80cm x 80cm(requires 15-25 items)

An 'item' is based on the size of a 3-6 month baby grow.  I can use most clothes (not just baby grows) as long as the fabric is not too thick or heavily knitted.  If your clothing items are particularly small please include a few extras. I am happy for you to include more than the required amount of items and will try my best to include as many as possible on your quilt.

Please note: Quilts and blankets must never be used for babies/children under the age of 18 months old.

If you require a quilt of a different size feel free to contact me for a quotation.

For current waiting times please visit my Home page.

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