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The keepsake Elepahant is created using your child's or a loved one's cherished clothing.  

I will require 6-12 baby grows (or equivalent in other fabric) to make the elephant.  If your items of clothing are extra small/new born a few extra items will be needed.  The main pieces of the elephant are quite large and sometimes newborn clothes are not big enough.  It's a good idea to include a couple of larger baby grows.

Size: Approx. 27cm (10.5") seated height.

Please note:  All of the memory keepsakes that I make are NOT to be used as toys or to be handled by anybody under the age of 14.  The memory keepsakes do not carry the CE mark required for toys and have not been safety tested.

If you would like to see more images of keepsake elephants that I have created feel free to message me.

For current waiting list times please visit my Home page.

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